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Catalyst Robotics & Automation Pvt Ltd. is an automation oriented company which strives to give total solution for the client needs thro’ continuous technical upgrade and use of latest technology; with it’s team of young n dynamic members aspiring to be real catalyzing for project as to dream come true, a motivated team of highly skilled techies who convert concept into reality in a very short period..

Robotics and Automation involves designing and implementing intelligent machines which can do work too tedious, too dangerous, too precise or too dirty for humans. It also pushes the boundary on the level of intelligence and capability for many forms of autonomous, semi-autonomous and tele-operated machines.

  Our Goal   Our Vision
Strive to be certain that at Catalyst Robotics, we are meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations in achieving their competitive edge with all possible ways...
Catalyst Robotics’ vision is to create a dynamic team of engineering professionals who could service the specific needs of production-critical companies with world-class solution